lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2012

Fun, snow & rock´n roll!!

Well, I though first that i´m gonna write about some serious things today.. but i´m not in that mood right now!
I left to buy some food, was little bit pissed off about things here at home. Then i took my car, and started to drive. Far and wide was so white! And slippery.. And of course front of me was driving that old man, who did´nt want to drive more than 30km/h (18mail) Slowly but surely we both drowe at the grocery store. Aargh, still pissed off. I wanted to go back home fast, so i could do some boxing or something.

As i drowe back, i hit the gas in this small road, near home. That really raised adrenaline in me!! I put the cd on, pure rock, volume for full, and let´s go! Yes!! Felt so good, snow everywhere, car is going fast and I was in ecstasy about all the curves, and me being alone in that road.. wohoo!!!! Better than boxing.. better that..!! ;) I let little steam out there...

 Now, that´s what i love in Finland...

And yes, i did have fun ;)

I have to say, that i´m feeling pretty good right now... I´m gonna write some more serios stuff later, now i´m just gonna enjoy this feeling:)

See you later, have a nice time


Hmm.. there is a road.. i´m sure that there was yesterday!!

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