lauantai 28. tammikuuta 2012


New look! I tryed many, but i think i like this.. Hope you do too!

I read the gossip magazines in this morning, and i coud´nt help myself to start thinking the price of being famous. Of course it influense, how you come famous . What did you do, like did you take a part in tv realityshow,  or more serious work. There´s a differens, really!

One can came famous almost just hang around in places, where are some famous people, and do something grazy. Someone takes a picture and tell small story, about she/he knew he/she from past, and is ex-lover or so on...

And the price is really low: some photos in gossip magazine, you lose you´re credibility and media want´s more, of course. So, there is two ways after that: go with a flow or stop it. If you want to go with a flow, it´s you´re own decision. But if that´s what you really want, then it´s a good way for you.

After all, fast life and fast money is big temptation. And that 15min spot in fame.

Well, everybody lives how they want, and it´s good. If we all were the same, world could be pretty booring place. ;)

I said no to my spot in fame. I though it for a while, and i came the conclusion that i really dont want to read what i have done or not from gossips. Not worth it, for me.

Just wanted to share this ;)
I wanted to write little bit more and little deeper, but my hand is hurting so much, that i have to take a break now...

So, have nice day all


And this... ;)

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