perjantai 19. syyskuuta 2014

the crankshaft position sensor sensor

:D I dont believe that word! Just soooo difficult, in Finnish too! It´s in Finnish: Kampiakselin asentotunnisimen sensori. It´s small black thing, that makes my car stop while driving. It´s broken. So, I do need new.
Yesterday, I was so tired, and I called to this place where they are expert with American Cars here in Fin. I know that owner and TG he knows me!

When I started to ask, do you have that sensor...words came out like this: Do you have crankpositionsensor shaftsensor? I mean, there was no sense, what I said! Best part was..he knew what I ment and just answered: yes, we have. Coming to get one?

That´s a the crankshaft position sensor sensor. So small, still so important. I truly hope that this is the last thing to do to my car for a long time. Ok, now I need to go and get that thing, hoping that someone here will help me to put it in ;) read, I sit near by and  encourage, my man will do the work.  

Have a great day
with love